Used engine dynamometer and used chassis dyno deals are available at Land & Sea, as well as second-hand water-brake and eddy-current absorbers.

“Build your own dyno system based on some our very cost-effective used dyno components. Used water-brake and eddy-current absorbers, plus older DC motoring dynes are available for customers looking to build their own systems – from tiny model-airplane engine testing units to huge multi-axle emission dynos complete (with ac motoring).”

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Call with your used dyno needs. We have used water-brake absorbers, liquid-cooled eddy-current dynamometers, rolling road chassis dyno assemblies (with and without air-cooled eddy-current absorbers). This hardware ranges from almost new to, hmmm  ̶̶  "well worn."

We also have listings for customer's used dynos. Many customers that have upgrade to a new DYNOmite system need to sell their used dynamometer. Listings include both "brand-X" and older DYNOmite systems.

Typical upgrade options include DYNOmite data-acquisition computer with from 3 to over 112 channels (with or without optional LCD display and pushbutton handheld interface), full-bridge strain gauge equipped electronic load cell torque transducer, AC power supply/recharger, data wiring harness, engine temperature thermistor, and protective carrying case.

A “typical” DYNOmite Dynamometer data-acquisition kit with S-beam load cell and 28-channel harness. Shown with LCD and keypad option (without included storage case). Add our DYNOmite data-acquisition electronics to your used dyno and automatically capture true torque, RPM, elapsed time, etc., while calculating Hp at up to 1,000 readings per second (that’s per channel, not just a total). The board’s computer can even be set to automatically apply Standard SAE correction factors for air temperature, barometric pressure, and relative humidity. This eliminates running engines to death while trying to manually record all the data. Handheld DYNOmite models display results on their LCDs and can print to an optional portable battery-powered printer. No prior computer knowledge is required to start testing and analyzing data like the pros.

DYNO-MAX dynamometer control software screen. DYNO-MAX™ Software option creates a full engine dynamometer lab console on your PC. Features include: real-time trace-chart graph display, adjustable visual and voice limit warnings, pushbutton controls, user configurable analog and digital gauges, plus incredibly powerful post-test data analysis tools. (Click here for a full list of features.)

Integrate your PC by using DYNO-MAX with appropriate automated electronic load and throttle control hardware options for keyboard dyno control. Without special programming, operators can easily execute even complex race simulations and engine test cycles. No other dyno software adapts and expands so easily to virtually any level of testing sophistication.

Available torque sensor options include full-bridge (temperature-compensated) strain gauge S-beam load cells, high resolution pressure transducers, and wireless rotary-torque transducers. All of them are maintenance free and feature our semi-automatic pushbutton zero offset calibration. Conversions can usually retain the system’s original torque sensor and display in parallel with the new electronics.

Forget inaccurate paper and pencil logging, throw out that DOS-based software and get professional one-person operation. Owners of older analog used Clayton, Dynojet, Froude, Go Power, Maha, Maxwell, Mustang, Stuska, Sun Road-a-Matic, SuperFlow, etc. brakes and rollers can now take advantage of most DYNOmite and DYNO-MAX features without purchasing new absorbers or engine stands.

DYNOmite Dynamomter Accessories

Electronic load and throttle control options are available for most of these used dyno systems. Once upgrades, even some of the oldest absorbers can conduct modern-day tests. Just push buttons to select the the type of test and RPM range, and the DYNOmite’s advanced PID algorithms will run the whole show – without operator intervention.

Convert used motor, transmission, or chassis dynamometers! The DYNOmite and DYNO-MAX team includes features to allow optimizing them for almost any type or power train testing. Whether you are restoring some old analog emissions rolling-road, building a new transmission dyno, measuring an electric or air-motor’s performance, upgrading a speedometer calibration tester, or secretly testing your own space-age transportation invention… we are ready to help you. A DYNOmite conversion can bring full load control and road-load simulations to your inertia dyno, or cylinder pressure mapping to many 1960 vintage water-brake systems. It does not matter if you are monitoring 100 or 128,000+ RPM shaft speeds. We offer ¼ to 10,000 ft-lb load cells, and support multi-channel data collection rates from 200 to over 200,000 Hertz. If you are upgrading a dyno, you have found your solution.

MAX – How Eddy-Current Absorbers Work - Animated look at how eddy-current absorbers create load (MAX narrated).

MAX – How Water Brakes Work - Animated look at how water-brake absorbers create load (MAX narrated).

*Clayton is a trademark of Clayton Industries, Dynojet is a trademark of Dynojet Research, Inc., Froude is a trademark of Froude Consine, Inc., Go-Power is a trademark of Froude Consine Inc., Maha is a trademark of Maschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH & Co. KG, Mustang is a trademark of Mustang Dynamometer, Stuska is a trademark of PowerTest Inc., SuperFlow is a trademark of SuperFlow Technologies Group

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