*Air-cooled eddy-current absorber capacities are RPM and absorber temperature dependent.

"Call Land & Sea, Inc. at (603) 226-DYNO for approximate power limits of specific configurations."

DYNOmite Data-Acquisition Computer:

Expandable, surface-mount board system
120-volt 60-Hz, 240-volt 50-Hz, or 12-volt DC
CE and/or UL approved (per locale)
Pro PC based 28, 56 or 112+ channel capable board sets, require DYNO-MAX software
Optional portable Pro 28-channel capable handheld with 168-character LCD and keypad
Up to 1,000 recordings per second (per channel)
Quick disconnect data harness
Non-volatile setup memory
Captures over one-hour duration test runs
Real-time and data-playback displays
Observed and SAE corrected reports
Smart Record™
automated recorder triggering
RS232 and USB ports - for output to a PC with DYNO-MAX software options

Torque Transducer:

S-beam load cell with full bridge strain gauges
½% of full scale typical accuracy
Environmentally sealed strain gauge
Semi-automatic zero offset calibration
Temperature compensated
Bidirectional torque readings

Hp, Torque, and RPM Capacity**:

**Actual air-cooled eddy-current capacities are RPM and rotor-temperature dependent. Initial cold torque and Hp limits are approximately twice their warm ones. (Hp ratings shown below taken after running 1+ minutes, at full load, in a room-temperature environment.) Continuous ratings are approximately 50% of warm values. See online load charts for curves.
Single overdriven #650 up to 650 Hp warm *
Dual overdriven #650s up to 1,300 Hp warm *
Hp options from 2 to over 3,000 (cold)*
Torque options from 10 to over 5,000 lb-ft (cold)*
RPM from below 520 to over 5,000

Engine Tachometer:

0 - 32,000+ RPM display
Quartz crystal calibrated
RPM pulse type is selectable from ½ to 240 pulses per revolution
Optional “clamp-on” inductive pick-up
Optional infrared optical pick-up

Load Control and Power Supply:

Electronic Load Control & Power Supply
Adjustable, fast response, load characteristics

Eddy Current Absorbers:

Low-maintenance, non-contact, electromagnetic (96-volt DC supply included)
Air-cooled (dual, finned rotors)
Single, Air Cooled - Standard (dual absorbers optional)
Overdriven #400 or #650 dual rotor - uses 96-volt DC supply
Dual heavy-duty sealed bearings
Heat treated, arbor shaft
External Zerk grease fittings
Optional “Auto-Lube” kit

Rolling PTO Docking Frame:

Heavy-duty structural, tubular, and custom rolled, rolling steel frame with fenders
Adjustable height (and removable) tongue
Four-corner adjustable leveling stabilizers
Includes one heavy-duty driveshaft (custom shafts available)
Wheels and tires - street legal LT215/75R x 15"
Trailer tongue jack and rolling third wheel
Louvered wrinkle-black shroud is easily removable for maintenance access
Integral driveshaft compartment
Greaseable axle bearings with (optional) auto-lube feature

Optional Road-Legal Trailering Upgrade:

DOT approved lighting package
Rated for up to 55 MPH towing speeds
Safety chains - dual
Surge brakes with emergency breakaway mechanical emergency trailer brakes (optional)
VIN # with Certificate of Origin

Control Console Options:

Standard stainless “wall” console with billet aluminum throttle & mechanical cable
Optional “Pro” console with billet aluminum throttle, mechanical cable, auxiliary analog gauges, genuine Intel® equipped Dell™ PC, 17" LCD monitor, and wiring harness
Subsystem (with integral control relays)

Approximate Dimensions and Weight:

Rolling PTO single 650-absorber docking frame & trailer assembly -
80"W x 119"L x 43"H
weight - 2,700 pounds (typical - less console)
Rolling PTO dual 650-absorber docking frame & trailer assembly -
80"W x 119"L x 43"H
weight - 3,800 pounds (typical - less console)
“Pro” console -
31"W x 31"D x 43"H
weight - 143 pounds (with computer)

Data Collection Options:

5-gas analyzer with RS232 interface
Airflow turbines 3", 4", 6", and 9"
Air/fuel ratio (calculated)
Air/fuel ratio exhaust gas meter interface
Air temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure “Weather Station”
Brake specific air consumption (calculated)
Brake specific fuel consumption (calculated)
Cylinder pressure mapping transducer and position encoder
DYNO-MAX software
Engine temperature thermistors
Exhaust Gas Temperature thermocouple kits
Fuel flow turbine kits
Fuel/manifold pressure transducers
Jackshaft RPM/MPH magnetic pick-ups
Knock sensors
Oil pressure transducers
Smoke opacity meter
Sparkplug temperature thermocouples
Other Options:
Calibration weight kits
Fuel hydrometer kits
Ignition and control relay boards
Sling psychrometer