Click to Contact Land & Sea page.DYNOmite Dynamometer and Software Training is available to new and exiting customers.

"Contact our technical support department to find out about our on-line, factory, or on-site training options."

Factory training classes at Land & Sea's International Corporate Headquarters (right) are available to new DYNOmite purchases as well as to existing owners. These sessions cover the operation of your DYNOmite Dynamometer as well as our DYNO-MAX Software.

On-line DYNO-MAX training is available for customers unable to make the trip to Concord, NH. These interactive sessions can be spaced over several sessions - enabling you to learn at a pace that is comfortable and convenient to your schedule.

On-site dynamometer training can often be arranged for most locales. Contact your sales representative for information regarding scheduling and costs. Air Travel, local transportation, and boarding are not included.

E-mailing about Training

E-mail us at

Phoning about Training
(603) 226-3966 (from Monday thru Friday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Eastern Time.)

Interactive Priority-Support-Plan Online Meetings

If you have been provided with a Meeting ID, during a support phone session, enter it (below) and then click Meet Now button to begin: