Figure in jail.DYNO-MAX software licenses are non-transferable, and Land & Sea vigorously prosecutes software piracy!

"Make sure your company stays legal by only running properly licensed versions of DYNO-MAX software!"

Is your copy of DYNO-MAX software legal? DYNO-MAX (like most engineering software) is only licensed, it is not “sold.” You should never pay anyone for “used” DYNO-MAX software! Software licenses are non-transferable, and Land & Sea vigorously prosecutes software piracy (Software Piracy Report Form)! If you are buying a used system, ensure you are not paying for any software that you can not legally use. If you have been even partially charged for “used” software, return it and demand your money back from the seller.

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Below is a legal excerpt from our DYNO-MAX license agreement:

“Only the company (or individuals) listed on the DYNO-MAX Software’s sign-on screen and report headings is granted a non-exclusive (and non-transferable) license to use such Software subject to the terms and conditions of this end user license agreement from Land & Sea, Inc. The Software may only be installed on a single computer for data acquisition, but up to one additional computer for data analysis. Otherwise, the Software may not be resold, distributed, or copied (except that back-up copies may be maintained by the licensee during the term of the license only).”

Volume Support Plan Discounts of 50% are extended to licensees' additional (same level) licenses of DYNO-MAX - providing concurrent support and legal upgrading of multiple installations.* Contact for details.

*Note: Legally, each DYNO-MAX license allows installation onto a single data-acquisition computer. However, the licensee may legally install a second copy onto another computer used solely for data analysis (one that is never coupled to data-acquisition hardware).