DYNOmite Technical-Sales/Support DepartmentTechnical Support and Product/Service Bulletins for various products are posted in this section.

"Check here periodically for important technical tips, owner & installation manual revisions, product update information, safety warnings, etc."  

Current owners of new or used Land & Sea products may read and download the latest revisions of their Owner's Manuals, installation instructions, safety warnings, etc.  Select a category below and enter the required identification information for access.

A year of phone and e-mail support is included in the initial price of your DYNO-MAX software license (an Internet connection is required). Beyond that period, unlimited no-charge access to this support section continues.

"Priority Support Plans" may be purchased in additional 12-month blocks. This ensures you of continued personalized phone (or e-mail) answers to your questions, and permits you to e-mail example test runs to our support engineers.

DYNOmite Users Forum (see link below) is available at no-charge. It has several thousand posts and threads - from thousands of on-line DYNOmite owners. Land & Sea Support Team members, technicians, and engineers also monitor this bulletin board. Register now, so you may post your own questions - 24/7.


DYNO-MAX 2010 Software Support: click this link to enter (if you are a registered DYNO-MAX 2010 licensee)

Older DYNO-MAX 2000 Software Support: click this link to enter (if you are a registered DYNO-MAX 2000 licensee).

DYNO-MAX Software License Name Swap: click this link to fill our Name Change Request Form.

DYNOmite Dynamometers Support: click this link to enter the dynamometer support section.

DYNOmite News: click this link to read recent announcements.

DYNOmite Newsletters: click this link to read back issues of our quarterly Newsletters.

DYNO-mite Users Forum: click this link to enter the DYNOmite Users Forum support section.

DYNO Tech Talk: click this link to read interesting dynamometer technical articles.

Older DYNOmite I or II Data-Acquisition Computer Trade-Up program! Do you have an earlier hand-held DYNOmite I or II that you wish you could run DYNO-MAX 2000 (or 2010) on? Earn a 100% trade-up credit modernizing to a DYNO-MAX 2000 ready, 15-channel, data-acquisition computer. Contact sales@land-and-sea.com for details!

Older DYNO-MAX Files: For the last-issued files and bug-fix notes for discontinued (and unsupported) versions of DYNO-MAX (e.g. 8.41), click here.

E-mail Support (or for problems gaining download access)

E-mail us at support@land-and-sea.com

Phone Support
(603) 226-3966(from Monday thru Friday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Eastern Time.)

Interactive Priority-Support-Plan Online Meetings

If you have been provided with a Meeting ID, during a support phone session, enter it (below) and then click Meet Now button to begin: