Use this form to request a change in your DYNO-MAX Software-License name text − that appears during sign-on and in printed reports. 

“There is a slight charge for creating new media, so take care to be accurate with spelling!”

The information must include your company's full legal name, address and phone number. Please include a short  explanation for the name change request.

We will try to fit other information (e-mail, slogan, etc.) however we like to format the heading to fit within 4 or five lines (six is the maximum). This is to reduce the consumption of valuable report and graph display area by heading text.

Tip: Avoid using all capital letters. The name will already be in bolt text, so using capitals for emphasis just makes for a less professional appearing heading. If you decide to use all capitals, we suggest that you restrict that to your first line only.

E-mail (or call) and ask for: Software License "Name Change" Request Form

E-mail us at

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(603) 226-3966 (from Monday thru Friday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Eastern Time.)