*Absorber capacities are RPM dependent. Air-cooled absorber loads are rotor temperature dependent. Water brakes require a minimum water flow of 1 gpm @ 30 to 60 psi for every 20 continuous Hp.

"Call Land & Sea, Inc. at (603) 226-DYNO for approximate power limits of specific configurations."

DYNOmite Data-Acquisition Computer:

Expandable, surface-mount board system
120-volt 60-Hz, 240-volt 50-Hz, or 12-volt DC
CE and/or UL approved (per locale)
Pro PC-based 28, 56, or 112+ channel capable board sets, require DYNO-MAX software
Lite 3-channel (upgradeable to Pro above)
Optional portable Pro 28-channel capable handheld with 168-character LCD and keypad
Up to 1,000 recordings per second (per channel)
Quick-disconnect data harness
Non-volatile setup memory
Rechargeable back-up battery option
Captures over one-hour duration test runs
Real-time and data-playback displays
Observed and SAE corrected reports
Smart-Record™ automated recorder triggering
RS-232 and USB ports – for output to a PC with DYNO-MAX software options

Torque Transducer:

1% of full-scale typical accuracy
Environmentally sealed strain gauge
Patented – moment-arm length independent
Semi-automatic calibration of zero offset
Special “PWC-length” arm for hull clearance
Temperature compensated

Hp, Torque, and RPM Capacity:

*Actual load capacity depends on the selected absorber and RPM (loading plots available).
Hp from 15 to 300+ (single-rotor absorber)
Torque options from 5 to over 200 lb-ft
RPM from 1,000 to over 12,000

Engine Tachometer:

0 - 32,000+ RPM – (LCD display optional)
Quartz-crystal calibrated
Magnetic absorber pickup (standard)
RPM pulse type is selectable from ½ to 12 pulses per revolution
Optional clamp-on inductive pickup

Load Control:

Manual-knob water-brake load valve (standard)
Optional auto-load servo
Optional electronic throttle controller
Water-Brake Absorber:
9" toroid (tapered PTO mount) requires PWC pump-adapter assembly (purchased separately) for direct pump mounting
CNC machined from billet aircraft aluminum
Dual heavy-duty sealed bearings
Stainless-steel, heat-treated arbor shaft
Adjustable load characteristics
External Zerk grease fittings

Optional PWC Pump Adapters:

Required to directly mount absorber to PWC pumps (order to fit by PWC model).
Anodized, billet-aluminum adapter housing
Heat-treated, stainless-steel shaft – fits 3° (1:10) PTO-mount absorber arbors
Sealed ball bearing
Cushioned torque-arm stop

Optional Small Engine Test Stand:

Professional – roll-formed steel frame
Removable stand (or wall) mount console
Vibration isolation mounts
Battery compartment
Portable wheeled design
Universal throttle
Semi-universal engine mounting plate
Optional overhead “sky-hook” boom

Optional Portable Thermal Printer:

Rechargeable NiCad battery powered
120-volt AC wall charger included
Parallel-port interface to DYNOmite-Pro
40 column, standard ASCII font
Rugged, compact, and lightweight design

Approximate Dimensions and Weight:

Standard dyno kit (including carrying case) –
11"W x 28"L x 17"H
weight – 34 lbs

Data Collection Options:

Airflow turbines 3", 4", and 6"
Air/fuel ratio (calculated)
Air temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure weather station
AFR (air/fuel ratio) exhaust-gas meter interface (with pump)
Brake-specific air consumption (calculated BSAC)
Brake-specific fuel consumption (calculated BSFC)
DYNO-MAX software
Engine-temperature thermistors
Exhaust-gas temperature thermocouple kits (EGT)
Five-gas analyzer with digital RS-232 interface
Fuel-flow turbine kits
Fuel/manifold pressure transducers
MPH pitot-tube pressure transducers
Sparkplug temperature thermocouples

Other Options:

Calibration weight kits
Fuel hydrometer kits
Ignition and control relay kits
Inertia-testing flywheel kits
Portable gasoline-powered water pumps
Sling psychrometer