• MOTORCYCLE/ATV DYNODYNOmite Motorcycle/ATV dynamometers test more than just bikes

DYNOmite Motorcycle / ATV Dynamometers combine sophisticated data-acquisition electronics with DYNO-MAX™ software for affordable (inertial + steady state) horsepower testing – like getting two dynos in one.

“We help you plan ahead – to avoid buying the wrong class dynamometer!”

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The only dyno line that expands with your needs. Start today with a low-cost inertia-only model. Later mount an absorber, add channels, upgrade software, etc. – without wasting your original investment. Excluding absorber-type (see below) most feature decisions may be revisited – years later. We manufacturer all major components in house – saving you third-party markups of competitors.

One size does not fit all! The above paragraph notwithstanding, one unique specification will lock you in: absorber type. It limits the type of testing of you Motorcycle/ATV Dynamometer.

    • Only doing flash-power checks? Then an inertia only Sport Class may be okay.

    • Tuning engine-management systems? Get serious with eddy-current Tuner Class absorbers.

    • Developing advanced ECUs and traction controls, and require road-load simulations? Demand A/C (motoring), R&D Class absorbers.

Call to let us help you do your homework on this absorber-type topic, and others, or continue reviewing below:

Sport Class
Dynos →

Sport Class Inertia-dyno limitations:

Tire on 8-1/2 inch rolls. Inertia-only chassis units are best limited to casual flash-power comparisons. Bottom line, if your primary usage will be performance tuning, specify an eddy-current absorber system.

• Loading type: inertia only

• Acceleration (flash) Hp:* ~385Hp - depends on rate

• Absorption (steady state) peak Hp:* ~zero

• Tire-deformation losses: none

• Inertial simulation: good

• Installation wiring: 120v or 240v 15-amp outlet

Tuner Class
Dynos →

Tuner Class Eddy-current dyno limitations:

Eddy-current absorber example. Eddy-Current absorbers are well suited for motorcycle dynamometer tuner/testing applications. They provide the steady-state loading required to tune RPM steps in ECUs, and allow turbocharges to spool up to realistic boost levels. They also offer a great horsepower-per-dollar value, compared to expensive A/C motoring absorbers. In fact, their ability to also accept the ActiveSync option, even retroactively (after) the initial purchase, allows combining many of the benefits of R&D-level A/C motorcycle dynamometer systems.

• Loading type: eddy-current absorbers

• Acceleration (flash) Hp:* ~385Hp - depends on rate

• Absorption (steady state) peak Hp:* ~385Hp, or ~1400Hp

• Tire-deformation losses: none

• Inertial simulation: very good

• Installation wiring: 240v 30-amp single-phase

R&D Class
Dynos →

Tuner Class A/C dyno limitations:

Tire on 36 inch rolls. A/C (motoring) absobers are best suited to road-load simulations and similar lab-level testing. They provide the motoring capability necessary to more accurately replicate off-throttle and downhill driving conditions. In situations with long-duration tests, the ability to regen power into the grid, reducing the company’s electric bill, can eventually offset their high initial cost.

• Loading type: a/c (motoring) absorbers

• Acceleration (flash) Hp:* ~250Hp or 500Hp (2wd)

• Absorption (steady state) peak Hp:* ~200Hp, ~400Hp (2wd) or call for more

• Tire-deformation losses: none

• Inertial simulation:  excelent

• Installation wiring: 240v or 480v HD 3-phase


  • MOTORCYCLE-ONLY EDDY-CURRENT SERIES:Motorcycle (only) chassis dyno system (Tuner Class) with medium-inertia roll + (overdriven) eddy-current absorber

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DYNOmite Chassis Dynamometer construction overview. Note: Generic model – may include non-standard options.
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Stick-figure cranking money-making machine.
Financing is available to let you start making money from your investment, before making a payment! Our equipment financing options allow you to generate revenue – with low monthly payments, that are 100% tax deductible to the IRS. Better yet, these financing options avoid restrictive bank ratio calculations and keep any bank lines of credit your business has – open.

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Machined-in “traction grooves” provide more traction (but less
Dynamically balanced roll with machined-in “traction grooves” dramatically limits vibration tire heating and slip. Test bikes to 250 MPH and 675+ Hp* on the higher-capacity DYNOmite dyno systems. Larger 24"-diameter roll systems handle sustained race speeds and power.

   → *Capacities are approximate, as they are primarily tire safety and traction limited – higher torque requires tie downs.
Motorcycle/ATV models include dual heavy-duty drive-on ramps (roll-guards hinge for ATV testing). Wide, low-profile deck provides secure feel during big-bike runs.
More than flash-acceleration Hp is available from DYNOmite load-cell equipped eddy-current absorption systems. They permit indefinitely* running steady-state, RPM-step, or sweep-Hp tests – under computer control. Absorber loading is vital for ECU drivability mapping or emissions work. In comparison, inertia-only “dynos” can’t hold an RPM point, but calculate power from flywheel (roll) mass acceleration – like deriving Hp from drag-strip MPH.

   → MAX-narrated animated look at: MAX – How Eddy-Current Absorbers Work
Motorcycle-only dynamometer offers the industry’s best value for serious testing. Available as an (upgradeable) inertia-only model or with integral eddy-current absorber.
Low-cost 800 “Lite” Motorcycle (only) Dyno includes: 16"-diameter x 25" wide medium-inertia roll and heavy-duty welded frame assembly – with machined-in “traction grooves,” quick-adjust wheelbase front mount, roll-on ramp, motorcycle tie-downs, DYNOmite-Lite data-acquisition computer, DYNO-MAX “Lite” software, an AC power supply, and data wiring harness. (13"-diameter "scooter-duty" model available.) (Water-brake or AC absorbers, 50 Hp* “scooter duty” models, and mobile “drag race” packages are also available.)

   → See General Specifications or Models and Prices pages.
Motorcycle/ATV models include dual heavy-duty drive-on ramps (roll-guards hinge for ATV testing). Wide, low-profile deck provides secure feel during big-bike runs.
Standard 800 Motorcycle/ATV Dynos include: 16"diameter x 50" wide medium inertia roll assembly – with our machined-in “traction grooves,” quick-adjust wheelbase front mount, dual roll-on ramps, tie downs, casters, roller guards, eddy-current absorber (with a step-up drive), full-bridge torque arm transducer, electronic auto-load control, DYNOmite data-acquisition computer, DYNO-MAX software, inductive RPM pickup, AC power supply, and data wiring harness. (Water-brake or AC absorbers, 50 Hp* “scooter duty” models, and mobile “drag race” packages are also available.)

   → See General Specifications or Models and Prices pages.
Hand-crank adjustable wheelbase (or optional electric-actuator unit and air-clamp mount) plus two lightweight (removable) loading ramps make set-up super quick.
Rapid on-off setup makes it very practical to test many different model motorcycles and ATVs back to back (without doing time-consuming road trips). Just roll the machine on, strap it down, clamp on the inductive tach lead, and test. A full-color report can print out – automatically. Casters let you test in your driveway, or roll it into a corner when done; while our Trailering Package goes to events anywhere.
Many ATV models can be easily tested using the optional front-tire stop bar kit. This doubles the potential income from your motorcycle/ATV dynamometer investment.
Make money avoiding road tests. Instead of hazardous rides evaluating repairs, exhaust mods, or ECU tunes – work within the shop – in any weather. An absorber-equipped DYNOmite’s ability to hold any RPM turns ECU-mapping of injection and spark into “child’s play.” Plus, selling “dyno-tune packages” to even one bike or ATV owner a week, pays off your DYNOmite in just months!
DYNO-MAX dynamometer control software screen.
DYNO-MAX™ “Pro” Software creates a full console on your PC. Features include: real-time trace-graph display, adjustable-limit alarms, pushbutton controls, user-configurable analog and digital gauges, customizable graphing, formula editor, test database, instant playback, inertia compensation, Smart Record™, adjustable dampening, import/export options, automatic zeroing, voice warnings, dragstrip Xmas-tree console, free iPhone control app, etc.

   → Click for full list of DYNO-MAX features.
Our chassis dynamometer assembly-line area, just before pre-shipping testing. We also accommodate production and servicing of private-label brands − with the capability to take your product line from raw material to decal application."
Simulate road and track conditions with DYNO-MAX “Road Load Simulation” mode. It emulates vehicle inertia, air drag, rolling friction, road grade, etc. – adjusting the absorber’s load accordingly. Fix problems that never show up in the shop, without costly field testing. ECU drivability mapping and emission work requires repeatable loading, on an absorption dyno.
Affordable five-gas Exhaust-Measuring System option digitally integrates with DYNO-MAX “Pro”.
Test AFR or emissions under load using your existing equipment, or our optional DYNOmite five-gas fully digitally integrated analyzer. Proper testing procedures require absorber loading, impossible on simplistic inertia-only dynos. Unlike paying for "repair" labor hours, many customers willingly purchase "dyno tuning" – just for braging rights.

   → Click to digitally-integrated 5-gas Exhaust Measurement System.
DYNOmite data acquisitio electronic circuit-board set.
DYNOmite data-acquisition computer displays and records true Hp, torque, RPM, elapsed time, etc. at up to 1,000 readings per second (per channel). It even applies SAE correction factors for temperature, barometric pressure, and humidity – a full report prints out automatically! Electronic load and throttle control options – just push buttons to select the test RPM or sweep rate and the DYNOmite’s advanced PID algorithm runs the show – hands free.

   → Click for full list of DAQ features.
A pair of DYNOmite motorcycle dynamometers mounted in custom trailer for side-by-side drag racing.
Build customer traffic with open-house “Dyno Days,” or trailer to local events (e.g. expand drag-simulator image, at left). Even just displaying the dyno in your shop, helps close bike sales – by elevating your company's image in customers' eyes.

   → See our other trailerable motorcycle-dyno projects.
Custom DYNOmite V-twin motorcycle engine dynamometers… that were developed for this manufacturer’s end-of-line production testing. DYNOmite Scooter Dynamometer, with powerful DYNO-MAX software, provides the industry’s best value for serious testing. Available as an (upgradeable) inertia-only model or with integral eddy-current absorber.
Specialty "motorcycle" dynos are also available, as custom systems, for testing scooters, bike engines, and other recreational or industrial vehicles. As these pages show, we manufacture more types of dynos than any other company in the world. For your unique dynamometer system needs, please call us for help!

   → See Scooter Dynamometers or Manufacturing Services.

*Approximate; limited primarily by tire safety and traction - higher torque transfer requires tie downs. Continuous capacities depend on selected absorber and test speed. Air-cooled absorber loads are rotor temperature dependent. Water brake power capacities are RPM dependent and assume a minimum water supply of 1 gpm @ 30 to 60 psi for every 20 continuous Hp. Call Land & Sea, Inc. at (603) 226-3966 for the approximate capacity of any specific test configuration.

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