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Land & Sea’s DYNOmite Kart Dynamometers – modular dynamometer labs for the school, race shop, or track. Water brakes mount easily, with or without engine removal. Precision strain-gauges deliver repeatable engine torque readings. Integral computer calculates, displays, and stores RPM, Hp, torque, time, etc.

“True torque and Hp data – no hydraulic-pressure conversion ‘guesstimating’ or flash inertia-only numbers!”

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The only dyno line that expands with your needs. Start today with a low-cost "Lite" model. Later mount add channels, upgrade software, etc. – without wasting your original investment. Most feature decisions may be revisited – years later. We manufacturer all major components in house – saving you third-party markups of competitors.

Reads TRUE crankshaft Hp using precision full-bridge (temperature-compensated) strain gauges to directly measure actual torque, instead of estimating from hydraulic pressure or inertial acceleration. Only crankshaft dynamometers isolate Hp from the inconsistencies of chain/belt efficiency, tire drag and windage, etc. to provide repeatable data serious developers need to compare against other engine-builders’ or OEM’s results.

Patented torque transducer technology is immune to temperature changes and the length of the moment-arm (anti-rotation point). So, it requires no correction for reaction center distances. Pushbutton (semi-automatic) zeroing of the torque offset calibration is also standard.

Load engines indefinitely, water-brake absorbers are not limited to only a few seconds of flash inertial track acceleration. It’s a tool… not a toy.

Automated load control simplifies steadying the peaky kart engines, it reacts faster to sudden torque changes than most humans can. Our optional electronic-servo load valve replaces the standard manual-load control. Once installed you use buttons to select the test RPM, or sweep rate, and then let the computer do the rest of the work.

Advanced standard features including: Smart Record™ trigger points, data dampening with spike filtering, auto-zeroing, instant playback, adjustable data averaging, atmospheric correction, and integral adjustable engine rev-limiter.

Junior Dragster with 7” DYNOmite Kart Kit, ready to test.
30+ Hp* capacity with our standard toroidal-flow water-brake absorber (or 60+ Hp* using high-torque rotor). The toroid’s ultra-low volume design provides control stability and response unmatched by simple vaned brakes. Loads typical kart engines from a garden hose water supply.* (Many other size water or eddy-current absorbers available to test virtually any capacity engine.)

   → MAX-narrated animated look at: How Water Brakes Work
Dyno cell plans or complete pre-fab soundproof rooms, including ventilation, are also available. Above is a shot of one of Land & Sea’s in-house small-engine training cells.
How does it work? The DYNOmite’s absorber is actually a very inefficient centrifugal water pump – with a variable flow control. The more water provided to the absorber, the more crankshaft power this pump requires. During a test, the dyno operator regulates the engine’s RPM by adjusting supply water via a “load control valve” – to slowly sweep through the desired range. The DYNOmite computer records the resultant absorber-housing’s torque and calculates power via the standard formula: Hp = Torque (in foot pounds) x RPM / 5,252.

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DYNOmite Kart Dynamometer Kit – ideal for sophisticated testing of many small performance and industrial engines. Shown with LCD and keypad option (without carrying case).
Standard dyno kit includes: 7" toroidal-flow water-brake absorber (with 5" high-RPM rotor), electronic torque-arm transducer, engine load control, DYNOmite handheld data-acquisition computer, AC power supply, stainless-braided hoses, magnetic RPM sensor, data wiring harness, and protective carrying case. (DYNO-MAX PC software available also.)

   → See General Specifications or Models and Prices pages.
High-RPM two-stroke is mounted on this OEMs’ direct-drive, reaction-cradle, eddy-current dynamometer.
Direct crankshaft mounting on most engines eliminates any “factoring” for drive-train losses. The 5" (or optional 7") rotor’s arbor fits directly onto standard ¾"-diameter 3/16"-keyed shafts. An optional 9" absorber fits 3° (1:10) and 4° (1:7.5) tapered PTOs. If clearance is available, engines can be tested right in the vehicle’s chassis – using an optional rear-axle adapter.

Precision designed and manufactured for flexibility, strength, high accuracy, and reliability. Each water absorption brake, torque arm, load-valve, etc. is beautifully CNC machined out of anodized aircraft billet aluminum and 17-4 heat-treated stainless steel.

DYNOmite industrial (small-engine) vertical/horizontal dynamometer systems - featuring AC, eddy-current, or water brake absorption.
Small Engine Test Stand option adapts to ATV, chain- saw, kart, motorcycle, PWC, snowmobile, and industrial engines. Features rugged steel construction, universal engine plate, vibration-isolation mounts, battery tray, integral shelf, engine-control console (wall mountable), wheels, leveling pads, and openings for optional engine throttle and load controls. Accepts many engines but may be drilled for unique applications or to accept pillow-block jackshaft bearings. Optional overhead skyhook boom supports fuel, electrical, and exhaust systems. Fan cutouts are provided to cool eddy-current absorbers.

Develop faster karts by separating what does work from what should stay on the shelf – with less trial and error. In hours, rather than seasons, you can find those tuning combinations that keep top racers out front.

Kart Chassis Roller Assembly which allows for inertial acceleration testing (even without the 9” absorber), or steady-state testing when it is installed as shown.
Schools teach engineering principles using accurate and repeatable, yet inexpensive, DYNOmite small engine dynamometers. They are used by both private and public colleges, as well as technical schools – around the world.

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Reaction-cradle dynamometer combines laboratory-grade accuracy with freedom from inertial influences.
Increase profits by selling dyno tuning while enhancing your shop’s engineering image. You can even display the DYNOmite to potential customers as advertisement.
DYNO-MAX dynamometer control software screen.
DYNO-MAX™ “Pro” Software creates a full console on your PC. Features include: real-time trace-graph display, adjustable-limit alarms, pushbutton controls, user-configurable analog and digital gauges, customizable graphing, formula editor, test database, instant playback, inertia compensation, Smart Record™, adjustable dampening, import/export options, automatic zeroing, voice warnings, dragstrip Xmas-tree console, free iPhone control app, etc.

   → Click for full list of DYNO-MAX features.
DYNOmite data acquisitio electronic circuit-board set.
DYNOmite data-acquisition computer displays and records true Hp, torque, RPM, elapsed time, etc. at up to 1,000 readings per second (per channel). It even applies SAE correction factors for temperature, barometric pressure, and humidity – a full report prints out automatically! Electronic load and throttle control options – just push buttons to select the test RPM or sweep rate and the DYNOmite’s advanced PID algorithm runs the show – hands free. No running engine to death for a power curve.

   → Click for full list of DAQ features.
DYNO-mite Dynamometer accessories array, including: temperature sensors, flow transducers, etc.
Affordable upgrades including: thermostatically controlled cooling tower, fuel-flow and airflow turbines, weather station, EGT thermocouple kits, AFR monitors (4-strokes), fuel-flow and airflow turbines, weather station, EGT thermocouple kits, sparkplug/head thermocouples, AFR monitors, pressure transducers, RTDs, thermistors, knock sensors, five-gas analyzers, crankshaft-position encoders, cylinder-pressure mapping, and auto-load and throttle-control options.

   → See DYNOmite Accessories section for more details.
DYNO-mite Dynamometer support technican.
Live-person technical phone support from snowmobile-dynamometer testing experts, provides a significant advantage over other companies’ obnoxious voice-mail runarounds. Also, our hardware’s lifetime phone and e-mail support, plus access to the special DYNOmite owners 24/7 web support area, are all FREE!

   → See DYNOmite Support Access page for more details.

*Approximate; continuous capacities depend on selected absorber and test speed. Air-cooled absorber loads are rotor temperature dependent. Water brake power capacities are RPM dependent and assume a minimum water supply of 1 gpm @ 30 to 60 psi for every 20 continuous Hp. Call Land & Sea, Inc. at (603) 226-3966 for the approximate capacity of any specific test configuration.

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