Click to enlarge Pocket DYNO-MAX screen image.Pocket DYNO-MAX™ remote-console software: intended for chassis dyno operators and engine dynamometer classroom training or endurance test monitoring.

 “Also see iDYNO-MAX, for iPhones, the 21st Century dynamometer control." 

Pocket DYNO-MAX highlights include: 32-bit Visual C++ design, user configurable digital and analog bar gauge assignments and labels, support for DYNO-MAX's "Smart Record™", semi-automatic torque zeroing, instant last run playback, single-click printing, and more. Pocket DYNO-MAX's wireless console interface allows (one or more people) to monitor and control test sessions - from inside the vehicle, their desk, lecture hall seat, or any Internet connected coffee shop on the other side of the globe!

"Joy stick" control of Hold RPM provides wireless adjustment of your optional DYNOmite electronic load valve or Eddy Current controller. Take charge of your chassis dyno acceleration-sweep or -step RPM tests, from right in the drivers seat - without running any umbilical cord wiring into the vehicle!

Integrates your wireless Pocket PC with your DYNO-MAX "Pro" equipped PC for remote dynamometer operation. Supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless standards - no proprietary radio or infrared devices to deal with. You can monitor and control any of your DYNO-MAX preprogrammed engine break-in cycles or endurance tests from anywhere you have an Internet connection!

Hot key or touch screen activated buttons provide one finger control of testing. With their bright screens, you can easily use these units outdoors in direct sunlight.

Alarm WARNING pass-through helps protect the engine if things go amuck. If one of your DYNO-MAX alarms goes off, Pocket DYNO-MAX provides you with both an audio and video warning.

Pocket DYNO-MAX is optimized for Windows Mobile and Windows CE. It runs on most brands of Pocket PCs and requires wireless connectivity to the file system on your existing DYNO-MAX "Pro" equipped PC or laptop).
Recommended handheld Devices must run under Windows Mobile 2003 (or Windows CE) operating system (and meet Microsoft's "Pocket PC" specifications). A Wi-FI Ethernet, or Bluetooth link to your DYNO-MAX "Pro" Equipped Host PC.(or laptop) is required for wireless operation. One example of a compatible Device is HP's (Compaq) iPAQ 4350 - with integrated wireless communications. Note: PDA's running the "Palm" operating system are not currently supported.