Monitor the dynamometer’s shaft speed with one of these magnetic or inductive Absorber RPM Pickup Kits. 

“Obtain driveshaft or roller RPM without any attachment to the actual engine.”

DYNOmite, magnetic, absorber-RPM pickup.Magnetic Absorber RPM Pickup for applications experiencing electromagnetic radio-frequency interference. Can also be used on engines without a suitable or convenient tachometer-signal output (such as magneto-ignition drag or kart engines). These kits include a thread-in pickup that supplies a clean square-wave RPM signal to the DYNOmite data-acquisition computer’s “shaft” (absorber) RPM channel.

Part # 430-137 (fits 7" and 9" straight-vane absorbers)
Part # 430-139 (fits 13" straight-vane absorber)
Part # 430-434 (fits 7" and 9" Toroid absorbers)
Part # 430-439 (fits 13" Toroid absorber)
Part # 430-431 (fits 19" and 26" Toroid absorber)

DYNOmite jackshaft-RPM pickup (transducer) kit. Jackshaft RPM Pickup Transducer Kit provides exact MPH, shift-ratio, and output-shaft RPM. By monitoring both the output-shaft and crankshaft RPM, the computer can calculate shift ratio and MPH. When using DYNO-MAX software, you can also plot G-force and more. A must for serious chassis tuners. (Kits include the electronic pickup, magnetic collar, and required EPROM software upgrade.)

Part # 430-135 (for EPROM Version < 5.0 - includes amplifier)
Part # 430-435 (for EPROM Version > 5.0 - pick-up only)
Part # 430-335 (jackshaft pick-up only)
Part # 361-010 (1" ID magnetic collar only)
Part # 361-011 (1.125" ID magnetic collar only)
Part # 361-012 (1.25" ID magnetic collar only)
Part # 361-015 (high-strength magnet only)

DYNOmite toothed-gear RPM pickup. Toothed Gear RPM Pickup for inductive-pulse readings from applications like 60-tooth encoder “gears,” bolt heads, etc. The pickup’s housing is threaded and includes two adjusting nuts for installation into your custom support bracket. Harness feeds a square-wave RPM signal into the DYNOmite Data-Acquisition Computer’s Jackshaft RPM channel.

Between Teeth
0.200" 0.100" 0.400" 0.250"

Part # 430-148

DYNOmite extension cable for RPM pickups.Extension Cable for RPM Pickups extend the harness for applications that include chassis dynamometers or remote test-cell installations. The cable continues the standard EMI/RFI shielding that is part of the original RPM pickup.

Part # 435-142 (15' long)