Automate dynamometer testing with computer-controlled load, throttle, and relays.

“Free yourself from the controls so that you have time to watch what is physically going on during testing.”

DYNOmite data-acquisition and relay subsystem.Data-Acquisition and Relay Subsystem provides a neat wiring hub on the engine stand. Includes dual DYNOmite-Pro board pairs (#430-454) for 56 channels. The system’s stainless steel-housing helps to reduce EMI/RFI from the electromagnetic fields of ignition systems, alternators, and electrical noise in the test cell. Housing accommodates up to four DYNOmite data-acquisition computer board-set pairs (allowing 112 channels in just a single subsystem). One 4-Circuit Relay Kit is included, with provisions for mounting a second, to support up to eight switched (via DYNO-MAX) devices. Each housing accepts a DYNOmite Weather Station module. Color-coded screw-on wiring posts accept either banana plugs, spade terminals, or direct-wire connections. Externally accessible fuse holders are prewired to convenient internal terminal blocks.

Part # 430-307 (also available in other custom configurations - call)

DYNOmite four-circuit relay-module kit. 4-Circuit Relay Module Kit provide remote console control of many test-cell functions via DYNO-MAX. Module also allows using the DYNOmite’s RPM-limiter feature (black/white harness lead) in engine applications that cannot be stopped by the near grounding of this circuit (most automotive ignitions, Arctic Cat snowmobiles, etc.). Supports shutdown of either “Normally Open” or “Normally Closed” ignition circuits. One (or more) 4-Circuit Relay Board units plug into each DYNOmite-Pro (or Basic) board set, allowing simple keyboard control of ignition, starter, fuel, blowers, brakes, etc. via DYNO-MAX’s console buttons. (* Each 4-Circuit Relay Board controls four individual relay circuits – allowing DYNO-MAX to control ignition, starter, fuel pumps, N2O relays, fans, etc. )

Part # 430-143* (4-circuit relay board)

Pro subpanel only - less optional Relay Module or DAQ board. DYNOmite “Mini” Data Subsystem is a compact patch-panel housing that provides neat data-acquisition wiring hub for sensors and controls. Includes an integral 4-circuit relay board (similar to the #430-143 module above). Prewired, with master power switch, colored-coded binding posts, screw-on AMP connectors, EGT and DIN plugin connectors. (Available with or without 28-channel DYNOmite DAQ computer-board set.)

Part # 430-309 (includes 28-channel DYNOmite DAQ computer-board set)
Part # 430-304 (less 28-channel DYNOmite DAQ computer-board set)

DYNOmite Pro data-acquisition subsystem option. DYNOmite “Pro” Data-Acquisition Subsystem is a “testing lab on wheels.” It houses all the electronics necessary, for serious dynamometer programs, in one rugged and forced-air ventilated NEMA enclosure. It accepts a wide array of DYNOmite acquisition boards and controls, for sampling well over 100 channels of engine information, controlling up to four simultaneous servo devices, and even handles onboard atmospheric (weather) compensation. Aimed at testers demanding extra expansion room for future projects, the DYNOmite “Pro” subsystem supports modular field upgrades. Even an inexpensive 28-channel configuration monitors four frequencies (engine RPM, vehicle speed, air and fuel flows), several millivolt thermocouple and strain-gauge inputs (for EGTs and torque load cells), plus an array of 0-5 volt ones (handling pressures and similar transducers). Adding dozens of extra channels is just a matter of plugging in additional DAQ modules. Other options include LCD readouts, local keypad operation, switched control relays, and our DYNOmite digital wideband O2 sensor air/fuel ratio modules.

Part # 430-907 (56-channel “Pro” subsystem - less AFR Module and LCDs)
Part # 430-927 (56-channel “Pro” subsystem - with AFR Module - less LCDs)