Ready-to-run frames and options get you up and running right. Mobile design supports testing indoors or out.

“Professionalize your test environment with any of these clean-looking and ruggedly engineered packages.”

DYNOmite automotive-engine test stand.DYNOmite Auto Test Stand with heavy-duty, black steel frame mounted on four wide locking wheels for easy mobility. Three-way telescoping and sliding engine mounts quickly adapt to many different engines and oil pan configurations. The included splined input shaft and universal bellhousing adapter has predrilled holes ready to fit most Chevrolet small and big blocks as well as many Ford engines. This test stand includes a (wall mountable) console panel which can also be mounted onto the stand for maximum mobility. The console features a rolled-steel gauge panel (accepts round analog gauges), unwired rocker switches, and push/pull cable throttle assembly. An opening is provided to accept the same LCD flat-panel monitor as our “Pro” consoles. Provisions are also made for mounting your DYNOmite’s load-control valve and/or handheld data-acquisition computer.

Part # 050-902-1K (as shown)
Part # 100-902 (less console)

DYNOmite “Pro” small-engine stand and console.“Pro” Small Engine Stand and Console for out-of-the-chassis dynoing. Accepts a wide range of small engines. Typical customer applications have included: PWCs, motorcycles, ATVs, karts, chain saws, etc. Every modular stand assembly accepts our vibration-isolated universal engine plate (included), or the optional new eddy-current and reaction-cradle frames. The wheeled base accepts a large automotive battery (for starting the engine, powering the data-acquisition system, etc.) and has an integral tool-storage area. The removable (for wall mounting) console mounts on special rubber vibration isolators and is similar looking to our Automotive “Pro” Console. This “mini” console includes an analog tachometer, neat mounting provisions for your DYNOmite computer, access ports for laptop cables, plus openings for both our optional throttle and load controls. An optional adjustable overhead “skyhook boom” (for hanging accessories or exhaust) is available.

Part # 970-155 (less data acquisition, laptop, and controls)

DYNOmite docking-station cart.Docking Station Carts, just like the ones included with our DYNOmite docking-station dynamometers, are available separately to enable higher testing throughput. Busy shops can easily double the number of engines tested, per day, by prepping a second or third cart – while the first one is productively running in the cell. Frames are of heavy-duty tube-steel construction and are mounted on four wide locking or swiveling wheels for easy mobility. Each stand is finished with rugged black powder coat for an easy-to-maintain professional appearance and long-term durability. Standard engine-mounting bulkheads and supports are included with each model (other applications are easily accommodated by fabricating a custom mount).

Part # 100-905 (for Diesel Docking Station - cart only)
Part # 100-931 (for Gasoline Docking Station Engine Stand - cart only)

DYNOmite automotive-engine “Pro” stand-upgrade module.Auto DYNOmite “Pro Stand Upgrade Module” features many popular add-ons for our DYNOmite Auto Test Stand (see #100-902). Includes: 6-gallon Fuel Tank Assembly – mounts directly into the engine stand for easier portable operation (eliminates the need for a large external tank in your dyno cell). Starter Solenoid Assembly – mounted in the dyno stand (eliminates the need to run any separate engine solenoid). Fuel Pump Assembly – with a preplumbed high-volume adjustable pressure regulator and quick-disconnect braided-stainless aircraft hose (eliminates the need to run a mechanical fuel pump). Stainless Steel Drip Pan – slips into the bottom of the stand (designed with drain plug for easy cleanup). Stainless Steel Battery Tray – with rubberized clamps (completes this mobility upgrade).

Part # 950-100