Test more types of engines with these easy-to-mount adapters. Custom adapters and shafts available.

“Make your one absorber work harder by adapting it to other engine applications!”

DYNOmite high-torque 9-inch absorber rotor option. Yamaha-PWC DYNOmite absorber adapters option. SeaDoo-PWC DYNOmite absorber adapters option. Polaris-PWC DYNOmite absorber adapters option. Kawasaki-PWC DYNOmite absorber adapters option. PWC and other 9" DYNOmite Absorber Adapters for mounting the 9" DYNOmite water brake on many personal watercrafts or specific snowmobiles, without engine removal from the boat or sled. PWC adapters utilize a short torque arm and special coupling that bolts onto the pump housing (after first removing the jet’s nozzle). For sleds, special taper arbor/rotor combinations fit the 9" absorber to applications not served by the standard DYNOmite dual-taper arbor.   Note: Besides our 30mm dual-taper (3° [1:10] and 4° [1:7.5]) arbor, other optional single-taper arbor/rotor combinations available (e.g. 1" straight-bore keyed, 32mm Polaris, 33mm Cat, 35 mm Cat, 30mm SkiDoo, and extended dual taper).

Part # 100-106 (Kawasaki Adapter 155mm)
Part # 100-107 (Kawasaki Adapter 144mm)
Part # 100-108 (Sea-Doo Adapter to 800cc)
Part # 100-109 (Yamaha Adapter 144mm)
Part # 100-110 (Polaris Adapter)
Part # 100-111 (Yamaha Adapter 155mm)
Part # 100-112 (Sea-Doo Adapter to 951cc)
Part # 769-011 (PWC Torque-Arm)
Part # 970-492 (3° [1:10] single-taper, high-torque, 9" Arbor/Rotor)
Part # – call – (for custom tapered, splined, or keyed Arbor/Rotor)

DYNOmite Small-engine crankshaft arbor and kart rear-axle adapters. Small Engine Crankshaft Arbor or Kart Rear-Axle Adapters allow our 9" DYNOmite water-brake absorber to be installed on higher-torque engine applications, or even directly onto a kart’s rear-wheel hub. Arbors adapt crankshafts (that only have the small ¾"-diameter keyed shaft) to the 9" water-brake absorber’s 3° taper-mount arbor. (Note: The engine’s crankshaft must be of a heavy-duty design to handle overhanging bending loads.) Axle adapters allow the 3°(1:10 taper mount) 9" water-brake absorbers to be used for “in chassis” testing at the rear wheel. Available for many USA or European wheel-bolt patterns. Requires simple fabrication of an “anti-rotation” torque-arm stop (i.e. clamp on pipe). Sprocket ratios should be selected to run the engine and absorber at their appropriate operating ranges – see load charts.

Part # 575-452 (Small Engine Crankshaft Arbor - left side of image)
Part # 575-159 (Rear Axle Adapter, USA 3 x 2.5" - right side of image)
Part # 575-160 (Rear Axle Adapter, Metric 3 x 58mm - right side of image) 

DYNOmite countershaft kit for 9” absorbers. Countershaft Kit for 9" Absorbers ease fabrication of custom engine-dynamometer stands for many small-engine test applications. Package includes heat-treated and machined stainless-steel shaft with an end taper that directly accepts our popular 9" size “snowmobile” DYNOmite absorber. Carbon-fiber reinforced 14mm synchronous drive belt, pulleys, and machinable Taper-Loc hub insert are designed to couple the engine’s output shaft to this countershaft. A pair of low-friction ball bearings (in self-aligning spherical-bearing blocks with locking collars) is supplied for easy shaft mounting and initial belt-tension adjustment – on your own floor- or bench-mounted engine-testing frame.

Part # 575-170 (with 125-tooth belt and 28 x 28 ratio pulleys - 1.5" hub bore)
Part # 575-181 (with 125-tooth belt and 28 x 67 ratio pulleys - 2.5" hub bore)
Part # – call – (for custom hubs, shafts, belt lengths, and ratios)

DYNOmite automotive driveline adapter kit. Automotive Driveline Adapter mounting package connects our 13" water-brake absorbers to many popular engine bellhousings. It features an anodized billet-aluminum housing, high-speed low-friction bearing, and heat-treated shaft assembly that couples the absorber directly to many popular Chevy, Ford, and Lakewood bellhousing and pressure-plate assemblies. It may be custom machined to fit other specialty applications. (Note: This same adapter is included in several DYNOmite automotive engine stand, non-docking-station type, dynamometer configurations.)

Part # 910-900 (with 1-1/8" x 10 spline "Chevy" input shaft)
Part # 910-902 (with 1-3/8" x 10 spline "Ford" input shaft)
Part # 540-905 ("Chrysler" - includes input shaft only)