Automate dynamometer testing with computer-controlled load, throttle, and relays.

“Free yourself from the controls so that you have time to watch what is actually going on during testing.”

DYNOmite auto-load servo valves.Auto Load Servo Valve is one of the most popular DYNOmite accessories we sell. Precision 12-volt powered stepper motor and drive allows for convenient, one-handed throttle operation during even complex automated dynamometer test sessions. Input your sweep rate and holding RPM, then just open the throttle to have the computer take over loading the engine – automatically. Millisecond-range step response outperforms even the best human operators. Available in various Hp flow capacities to match a wide range of DYNOmite or third-party absorbers. (Requires a Full-Function Pro Harness, like #425-280, and current EEPROM upgrade.)

 Part # 430-310 (Standard-Flow - 1" - left side of image)
Part # 430-314 (High-Flow - 1½" - back of image)
Part # 430-318 (Ultra-Flow - 2" - right side of image)

DYNOmite auto-throttle servo. Auto Throttle Servo adds automatic throttle control to any dual-board DYNOmite console system. Allows using DYNO-MAX “Pro” to configure road and track driving simulations. (Requires Data Channel Expansion Unit – part #430-454 and DYNO-MAX software equipped PC.) Optional Throttle Position Feedback Sensor supports recording of actual percentage open and also provides more repeatable percent-position indexing. Its linear sensor may be attached directly to the throttle assembly (as shown) or, for elimination of cable-backlash errors, may be adapted directly to the engine’s throttle-body linkage. (Requires Auto Throttle Servo Kit, part #430-312, and DYNO-MAX software equipped PC.)

Part # 430-312 (Auto Throttle and Servo assembly)
Part # 430-190 (optional Throttle Position Feedback Sensor add-on)
Part # 970-114 (manual throttle only - not including servo)

Harness extension cable for load-control servo.Extension Cable for Load Servo (or Auto Throttle Servo) to extend the harness for test-room (or dash) mounting of the servo-control unit.


Part # 430-134 (18' long)

Samples of automation upgrades to third-party load valves.Automation Upgrades of Third-Party Load Valves can be an affordable solution to adding the sophisticated DYNO-MAX control and automated engine test cycles (including full road-load simulation) to non-DYNOmite units. This gives a new lease on life to many obsolete systems or a way to salvage your investment in one of our competitors’ offerings. We have already converted controls for brands like Clayton, Stuska, Superflow (at right), Froude (at the far right), and others. Even if you have an oddball application, we will try to help.

Part # – call – (for custom conversion quotation)