Expand your DYNOmite’s data-acquisition logging capabilities with prewired harnesses. Capture more data with any of the optional DYNOmite transducers, thermocouples, thermistors, and pickups.

“Plug-and-play harnesses make it easy to add functionality.”

DYNOmite full-function data harness.Full-Function Data Harness allows the DYNOmite data-acquisition computer to record EGTs, fuel flow, pressures, etc. and control other advanced functions when used in conjunction with the appropriate sensors, controls, and software upgrades.

Part # 425-180 (for 3-channel Lite board sets only - not full function)
Part # 425-250 (for 15-channel Basic board sets)
Part # 425-280 (for 28-channel Pro board sets)

DYNOmite temperature/pressure-sensors' harness splitter.Temperature/Pressure Harness Splitter converts the DYNOmite’s “Weather Station” harness connecter into both a standard DYNOmite air-temperature (or engine-temperature ) thermistor connector and one additional four-pin (0-5 volt) connector. The extra 0-5 volt channel will support capturing pressure, AFR, etc. data. This splitter is often used for the second, third, etc. DYNOmite-boards’ harness, or when no Weather Station will be utilized (on Board ID #1).

Part # 425-457

DYNOmite harness extension cable for sensors.Extension Cable for Sensors allows you to move the DYNOmite data-acquisition computer 10' farther away from the torque arm – or to relocate the Weather Station Module. Simplifies wiring remote dynamometer cells or extending the sensor’s harness reach during onboard marine or automotive test sessions.

Part # 430-127 (10' for Weather Station Module)
Part # 430-131 (10' for torque arm)

8mm graphite-core suppression sparkplug-wire kit.8mm Graphite Core Suppression Plug Wire Kits offer the very-best means of reducing ignition-generated EMI (electromagnetic interference) a.k.a. RFI (radio frequency interference). EMI can play havoc with high-speed digital-data transmission – even locking up or “blue screening” PCs or interfering with the shop’s phone system. These wires dramatically outperform the suppression capabilities of so called “mag-core” (spiral wound) wires. A set should be on hand in every (non-diesel) dynamometer test cell.

Part # 430-161 (for single sparkplug)
Part # 430-168 (for eight sparkplugs and one coil lead)