ACtiveSync™ equipped axle-hub modules allow testing traction-controlled vehicles – even on un-linked 2WD dynamometers.

“Helps you test a wider-range of vehicles, with your existing dynamometer system!”

DYNOmite ACtiveSync ModulesACtiveSync™ Modules deliver axle synchronization via a pair of 20-Hp motoring drive units and microsecond response AC controllers. These units provide precision matching of the unpowered axles (on traction-controlled ABS-equipped vehicles) during 2WD dyno testing. Includes dual AC drives to match each (unpowered) vehicle’s spindles to the dynamometer’s roller(s) – or other axle-hubs’ spindles. Units adaptable to many brands of chassis dynamometers. Includes a single pair of standard axle-flange adapters. (May be upgraded, at any time, to full DYNOmite Axle-Hub Dynamometer capabilities – by adding our eddy-current absorber kits.)

Part # 046-040 (pair of ACtiveSync Axle-Hub Modules)

DYNOmite ACtiveSync Upgrade (OEM)ACtiveSync™ Axle-Hub Upgrades (axle-synchronization and motoring) are a family of DYNOmite drive options for all of our Axle-Hub Dynamometers. They feature dual 20-Hp motoring drive units with microsecond response heavy-duty AC controllers. Basic ACtiveSync provides precision matching of front-to-rear 2WD axles – on traction-controlled ABS equipped vehicles. For eddy-current absorber equipped axle-hub dynamometer testing, installing a pair of (optional) encoders allows for steeper downhill (motoring) simulations. Adding our (optional) heavy-duty resistive load banks significantly increases these AC motors’ absorption capacity, allowing them to enhance speed control and synchronization authority – even during standard dynamometer testing. (See below for optional Axle-Hub Encoder Kit and Resistive Load Bank Kit.)

Part # 437-040 (ACtiveSync AC-motor and drive upgrade - only)
Part # 441-022 (optional Axle-Hub Encoder Kit - 1024-line pair - not shown)

Resistive Load Bank KitResistive Load Bank Kit includes a pair of heavy-duty air-cooled cabinets with spiral-wound resistive elements. With the addition of the heavy-duty external load banks, the ACtiveSync equipped units have more loading authority. This offers an advantage during 2WD testing on the driven axle – because the load banks almost triple the (near instantaneous) loading available from the ACtiveSync motor pair. Compact design is custom wattage matched to our 20-Hp axle-synchronization motors and drives.

Part # 442-022 (pair of load banks, for ACtiveSync power absorption - only)

Axle-Flange Adapter KitsAxle-Flange Adapter Kits includes pair of axle-flange adapters for popular automotive and truck-wheel bolt patterns. Mate to quick-change hubs of DYNOmite eddy-current absorber or ACtiveSync (AC motor) equipped axle-hub dynamometers. (Other custom bolt-pattern adapters also available − call.)

Part # 437-400 (pair of adapters - 4 x 100mm, 4 x 108mm, & 4 x 114.3mm)
Part # 437-500 (pair of adapters - 5 x 4-1/2", 5 x 4-3/4", & 5 x 5")
Part # 437-505 (pair of adapters - 5 x 100mm, 5 x 114.3mm, & 5 x 120mm)
Part # 437-506 (pair of adapters - 5 x 110mm, 5 x 112mm, & 5 x 130mm)
Part # 437-508 (pair of adapters - 5 x 100mm, 5 x 108mm, & 5 x 114.3mm)
Part # – call – (for other bolt patterns and custom adapters)