Leasing helps you make money with your dynamometer.

Land & Sea offers business-lease financing of your dynamometer – USA & Canada.

“Zero-down and 90-day deferred payment programs available, one-day approval, get your dyno coming now!”

Generate revenue as you pay! Leasing affords your business the option to get new equipment now, but in manageable payments.

Low monthly payments! Select from 12 to 60 months, to fit your business, or variable payments, to match seasonal cash flow.

100% tax deductible to IRS! Deduct full purchase price as you pay, yet earn before your first payment.

Avoid bank restrictions! No blanket liens, covenants, escalators, "call anytime" provisions, compensating balances – of other lenders.

Keep lines of credit open! Saves your bank credit for financial emergencies, while building your business credentials.

Approval without full finance statements? Yes No Full payment required
Can I deduct 100% of payments? Yes No No
Can I avoid financial reporting? Yes No, it's on Balance Sheet Full payment required
Can I have no down payment? Yes No, requires cash down No
Can I match payments to my cash flow? Yes No No
Can I have ownership options at end of term? Yes But not 100% deductible But not 100% deductible
Can I get approved with a low credit score? Yes No No
Can I get approved with a bankruptcy? Yes No n/a

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*Do not include any confidential financial information in this preliminary form. Private contact will be made, the first business day of receiving your request.

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