• TOROID SIAMESE-ROTOR WATER-BRAKE ABSORBER:Low cost, low inertia, high rpm limits, and race engine horsepower capacity

Water-brake dynamometer absorbers are the most cost effective loading devices available for engine testing. 

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The same water brakes featured on our complete DYNOmite dynamometers, but available as separate components - for customers building their own systems. These toroidal-flow absorbers offer an affordable way to build your own, state-of-the-art, industrial-duty dynamometer.

MAX – How Water Brakes Work - Animated look at how water-brake absorbers create load (MAX narrated).

3,000 Hp toroidal-flow absorber responds twice as quickly as ordinary vane-type brakes.
DYNOmite Water-Brake Absorber product overview. Note: Generic model – may include non-standard options.

DYNOmite Water-Brake Absorbers are the first choice when low cost, low inertia, high rpm limits, and race engine horsepower capacity are all requirements. These have been the favorite of professional automotive engine builders for decades. Water brakes are similar to centrifugal water pumps.  They typically have one or more vaned rotors spinning in between pocketed stator housings. Load is controlled by varying the volume of water recirculating within the brake with adjustable inlet and/or outlet valves and orifices. Raising this water level increases the rotational drag of the pump's rotor, applying more resistance to the engine turning it. Interestingly the water brake is, by design, a very inefficient pump. It uses up your engine's horsepower output by making "instant hot water"! Since the discharged hot water is clean, it can often be allowed to just run off, or air cooled and recirculated.

Sample water-brake absorber plumbing. Click to water-brake absorber load-charts page.

Power capacity versus size of water brakes is impressive. An 8 pound water brake can handles over 65 continuous Hp at 12,000 rpm! By comparison a 300 pound air-cooled eddy-current absorber  with the same continuous power rating is only good to 7,000 rpm. It is no wonder that water brakes are virtually the only choice for testing 2,000+ horsepower drag car engines. Modern water brakes (like the one pictured at left) boast low enough weight and inertia that they can be directly mounted on the kart engine's output shaft. Direct mounting eliminates the inertia and parasitic drag of driveshafts, u-joints, pillow block bearing, etc.

MAX – Mounting the Absorber - Animated look at the pros and cons of various absorber-mounting options (MAX narrated).

DYNO-mite dynamometer water-brake absober load-control valves.

Manual or automatic control options allow RPM and load adjustment via either an operator twisting a valve knob or a computer with an electronic PID servo. While manual-valve control is not as quick or precise as the electronic option, it is an inexpensive place to start - and is easy to upgrade and needs or budgets allow. We even offer do-it-yourself plans to help you build everything from the test stand to a whole dyanmometer cell.

Custom hybrid configurations can can also be designed using a combination of both an electronic, typically AC, absorber (for fast torque control) and a large water brake (for inexpensively adding very-high test power capacity). Control of the pair is handled via DYNO-MAX “Pro.” While their complexity is typically only justified for some sophisticated high-output applications, hybrids make it possible to cost effectively build lower inertia and faster response dynamometers, (with motoring capabilities) than can be had using any single braking technology alone.

DYNOmite 13” toroidal-flow absorber provides high-specific loading, with rapid-response characteristics. DYNOmite 7” toroid absorber is well suited to small two and four-stroke engines.

High speed spindle bearings and matching grease seals are targeted to testing high-RPM performance engines. Absorbers feature grease ports and/or sealed bearings for balancing ease of service with long run time.  We even offer an auto-lube option for extended duration testing. Replacement bearing and seal kits are available, and they are engineered for convenient field replacement. These features are combined into a design which minimizes the number of moving wear parts, rendering expensive downtime a non-issue.

DYNO-MAX dynamometer control software screen.

Call for immediate assistance in developing your own unique testing solution - or e-mail tech@land-and-sea.com for a prompt response.

MAX – Water-Brake Drain Orifice - Selecting and changing the absorber's outlet restrictor (MAX narrated).

MAX – Water-Brake Supply Volume - Animated look at how water volume and pressure effect engine loading (MAX narrated).

*Absorber capacities are RPM dependent. Water brakes require a minimum water flow of 1 gpm @ 30 to 60 psi for every 20 continuous Hp. For peak performance, install a supply system capable of maintaining 60 psi @ 1 gpm for every 10 Hp. Install very-high-flow pressure-reducing valve(s) and large water-hammer arrestor(s) to prevent exceeding 60 psi. Call Land & Sea, Inc. at (603) 226-3966 for discussion of specific configurations.